freeFREE : the future of radical price by Chris Anderson

Everytime I catch myself chuckling away on You Tube, I ask myself how does this site make money?

Then I was sent Chris Anderson’s absolutely brilliant new book FREE: the future of Radical Price, and now I understand how

companies around the world are embracing the economic model of “100 % free” products and services, and making it pay.

Chris Anderson makes a compelling case for why businesses can profit more from giving things away free rather than charging for them.

Anderson describes business models that do the seemingly impossible and thrive from it –
from the Gillette company which revolutionized the disposable blade industry by cleverly tying their blades with free promotional sales packages, to bands like Radiohead who embrace free music to promote their fan base and even FACEBOOK which has created the world’s ‘largest closed market of reputational currency as the foundation of its estimated multi-billion dollar valuation’, Anderson says businesses that embrace the “free” business model are reaching new consumers and creating new value.

With a keen eye for detail, incisive analysis and a writing style that is reminiscent of Malcolm Gladwell, FREE is a brilliant book that every marketer should have within arms reach and anyone interested in creating a thriving business in the online marketplace should read at least twice.

If you enjoyed the way Freakanomics and the Tipping point made you see the world in a new way, you will love FREE.

I just realised the only reason you are reading this is because wordpress has made it absolutely free. Thanks WordPress!