Productivity seems to be the new buzzword.

For most people, this is worrying ; many think ” how can I possibly do more when I am already juggling about 16 balls in the air at one time?”

For companies, the present challenge seems to centre around the following dilemma.

How do you get more out of people without losing talent who may feel overstretched by this focus on productivity?

Ong Teong Wan’s latest book Results Management suggests designing systems that aim for results. Are your people management systems people-oriented or task-oriented? If the focus is on people, you set the tone for a place of work where excellence can happen.

I liked this book because it was a very honest and practical look at a field by an man who has had a really illustrious career in it for over 50 years.

I spoke to author of Results Management Ong Teong Wan and here’s a sprinking of his insight.

– When people are happy, results are achieved

– Larger than expected turnovers are a belated sign that your company’s people management systems needs an overhaul. Lack of punctuality is one early sign. People start dragging their feet to work when they are not happy on the job.

– Rewarding the workers in the office who are good at looking busy but little else is destructive.

It sets up a culture which condones and rewards non-performers. The good performers will feel this and start to leave and soon, all you will have is an office of non-performers who are good at shouting “look the emperor has got new clothes!”.

Talking to Mr Ong Teong Wan was also inspiring to me personally because he is in his 70’s but mor sprightly and and  interested in life than many other people I have met. He is consulting partner at SIM, runs his own management consultancy and sits as an independent director of several listed companies in Singapore. He also fits in a couple of rounds of golf each week.

“I don’t have a special gene or anything” he jokes,” my dad passed away in his 60’s.”

One senses he is always on the ball with life, because he has aligned his work with his values.

“I was a scout, all the way up to Commisioner Level, I like helping people and results management is all about helping people”, he says.

This is a passionate and powerful look at designing people management systems that work.

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