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You’ve read the books, listened to conference speakers, bought those audio tapes. Self-help books are consistent bestsellers because we all at some level desire to change something in our lives in our search for success.

And I’m sure you’ve heard the many platitudes that if you simply change the way you think, you can change your life. But what few speakers, and books do is show you exactly what you need to do to improve the way you think. Which is where this powerful book triumphs over many other self-help books out there.

Author Mary J. Lore shows you just how to take control and change your thoughts so you can think those powerful, high purpose , high service thoughts. The key to success in work and life are the same: self awareness, self mastery and being on purpose Do you live each day as you did yesterday? Are your next five years going to be exactly what you did for the past five?

If you are ready for real change, pick up this book!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary J. Lore on May 18th. Listen to the interview here

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A terrifying read

I read ” The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston it in one swoop overnight. The book scared me so much I haven’t stopped talking about this piece of non-fiction since.

Between 1967 – 1993 a deadly, exotic “hot” virus made its way from the African rainforests to  the suburbs of Washington leaving its victims literally dissolving to death.

The deadly ebola virus is the star of this bone chilling epidemiological thriller. 

Preston does a remarkable job of piecing together interviews and scientific information to craft a medical cliffhanger like nothing else I’ve read.

When Steven King describes this  book as “One of the most horrifying things I’ve ever read”, you know you are onto a really scary read.

This book was published in 1994; I have no idea why I took so long to pick it up.