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How has Richard Mcgregor been able to penetrate the inner workings of China’s deeply secretive communist party? He was almost self-deprecating in our telephone interview, saying he didn’t really think he had and someone would do so in his wake. This book however, is testament to the former financial times China bureau chief’s incredible network of insiders in China and his talent for bringing to life – with forensic detail- the workings of an all- encompassing, onmipresent political party that has taken root in all aspects of life in China.

How has the party been able to sustain itself and meet the changing aspirations of it’s members? How have it’s methods of meeting challenges evolved? What would you need to know about China’s communist party to do business in China? Pick up this illuminating and beautifully written all-access guide to the CCP to find out.


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Why did Andrea Levy feel  initially that she did not ” have the stomach ” to write the Long Song?

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 What did we look like in 1819? Read the story here:



Name one powerful tool for managing stress that the book describes.


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If you are going to buy property in Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan or Macau, this is the book to read. Which markets should you be eyeballing? How should you get started?  Congratulations to author Tim Murphy on a great read and on the recent birth of his twins!

workWhat are you doing with your life? Who picked your job? Your parents? Your 16 year old self? Author Alain De Botton takes on a tour of real people hard at work from cargo ships to business manufacturing all the asking why do we work? What is really accomplished at the end of a career. Why is work so painful and yet so pleasurable? These are the big questions on life Alain De Botton raises. The answers he gleans from around the world leave one not only entertained but almost deeply moved by a topic most people would rather not think about too deeply because the real answer to the big question why do you do what you do- may be a little too frightening mundane than most of us like to admit.
There is great beauty in the the writing of this book.
This is a lyrical, charming and unique book that somehow manages to see beauty in the unlikeliest of places – a place of work.

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