I absolutely love David Rock’s book “Your Brain at Work” because it is packed with research but reads like a bestseller.

Who among us would not want to learn how to use our brains better? Rock who is a consultant and leadership coach gives us practical strategies to take full advantage of our mental resources.

From learning to focus, to managing distractions, keeping your cool to make the best decisions possible, Rock shows us how to survive in the busy world of work.

This book has changed the way I start my day. I no longer plunge headlong into my inbox first thing in the morning, I’ve realised it is important to prioritise my tasks before I do anything. This one step I picked up from the book has radically changed the speed at which I can tackle my tasks for the day. Why is this important?

Workers everywhere, writes Rock are experiencing “an epidemic of overwhelm”. To be effective we need to understand our brains performance limitations. In the case of prioritising, it is one of the brain’s most energy hungry processes; it is an energy intensive activity. So in the early morning, it is an especially precious resource. Which is why instead of squandering my energy answering emails, I choose to tackle prioritising instead. Sure it takes up plenty of energy, but its energy better spent because it puts the day’s work in perspective and reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed.

This book is such a good read and contains so much good advice; I have not stopped talking about it since the day I first picked it up.

Learn how to work with your brain by understanding how your brain works. This book will definitely impact both your personal and professional life in profound ways so pick it up!