Julie_and_Julia_Book_Cover1I love reading cookbooks. Can you really call it reading? Well perhaps there is more gazing involved than actual reading. But there is something so intrinsically calming and hopeful about a cookbook. You start thinking of the dinner parties you will one day have, the day when you will actually make that quivering confection or juicy plump meaty something. Cookbooks inspire with their hopeful promise that yes, one day you too will be able to DO this.

The thread of the hopeful promise of a good cookbook runs through “Julie & Julia by Julie Powell”. A book where our heroine finds herself through her adventures with Julia Child’s legendary cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. ( Public appetite for Julia Child’s book has skyrocketed on the back of the appeal of Julie& Julia, the book and movie).

One serendipitous evening, Julie finds herself hurrying home from the grocers with the exact same ingredients for Child’s infamous recipe for potato soup or as the French like to call it Potage Parmentier (Po-taj Par-mon-tee-ay). And so begins her grand Project– the plan to cook every single one of Julia Childs 524 recipes from her cookbook.

Fans of Like Water for Chocolate and the “Shopaholic” series are going to absolutely love this. Funny and with a warm heart, this book is the equivalent of a mouthful of soul food when you’re down. Instead of reaching for another helping of cold French potato salad laced with buttery cream and bits of bacon the next time you’re feeling out of sorts, ( I’m hungry already) reach instead for its literary equivalent, the very entertaining Julie & Julia by Julie Powell.