The most annoying questions for singles is “Why are you single” writes Liz Tucillo in her debut novel.

Julie Jenson is a single 38-year-old book publicist who opts once and for all to change her life for an adventure built around answering that question.

She quits her job, leaves Manhattan and jets to Paris, Rio, Bali and of course – the land of Sophia Loren, Rome – to see how women around the world deal with being single.

Author Liz Tucillo was co-author of the massive bestseller “He’s just not that into you”, and she attempts an “Elizabeth Gilbert” type of adventure. (Remember “eat, pray, love?”)

The difference is this book is a piece of fiction. Still it gives great insight into the lives of single women around the world, is a fun read and ultimately is less a gigantic moan about singlehood than it is a tribute to the humorous modern condition of single life.

Yes there are the bad dates, the fears and the fast waning hopes associated with being, and the sadness and the desperation, but that is what I liked about the book.

It managed to depict the reality of single life – the fascinating and the tired cranky side of a particular stage in life – with an unflinching honesty and a sense of humour, which is perhaps the best response to the question ” Why are you single?’