organisingI look into my handbag and it is just as disorganised as my school backpack was. I was just thinking to myself as I fished out an empty plastic tissue cover, enough change to make a dollar, hair bands, and crushed receipts from my bag, how little has changed from when I was in school and desperately trying to wade through the clutter in my backpack to find my homework. So this book was a real relief. First because it lays no judgement on the disorganised person. You are not lazy if you are disorganised. People are not born learning how to set systems in place to get organised, but you can learn about your organising style and work with it, at any age.

This book is targetted at parents, teachers or anyone who wants to help children with organisation. I think it speaks to disorganised people of any age.

I spoke with co-author Marcella Moran for my radio show and she was wonderfully candid and full of great advice. Marcella is a licenced psychotherapist and mum to a disorganised child herself so she is very sensitive to what tools parents would like to have to help their child with organisation.

From how to pack a bag,  to how to organise a day. This book is great because of it clear approach to understanding why procrastination and disorganisation occurs and how you can replace chaos with order in your child’s life,  and your own as well.