the strainWell this is my first ever post on my brand new book blog. I am very excited because as you all know, I am absolutely in love with all things to do with books. So I am delighted to have been asked to blog about my favourite reads. I can’t end my first post without telling you about the last book I read which I am still thinking about ( even though I finished it in one giant gulp two weeks ago). The book is called THE STRAIN and it is by Guillermo Del Torro ( the director of Pan’s Labyrinth and Chuck Hogan. It’s frightening and it reads like a movie script. Plus it offers a scientific explanation of how vampires could plausibly exist in this world. Yes, we’re talking about the virus route. A virus that turns people into the walking dead. Who are of course, very hungry…
Oh I loved this book for so many reasons. Here are three
1. I am a huge fan of horror and this book is terrifying
2. The pacing is terrific. Did I mention this book is the first of a trilogy? Chuck Hogan told me the action for parts 2 and 3 have already been mapped out and we can expect 1 book a year. Which means we will have to wait until next June for part 2 of the series. I am not a patient reader so this wait is causing real mortal pain.
3. The writing is crisp and the plot turns are clever. I love horror but I have to say there are alot of bad horror books out there primarily because I think it is hard to set up scares without veering into the cliche or corny. This book manages to set the scares up in fairly ordinary urban environments  like a stairwell, a passenger plane and at the airport for example.

Ok that is it for my first ever blog. I have to say, this is fun!